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In every breed are hereditairy deseases, also in the Shetland Sheepdog. The Dutch Sheltie Association started a few years ago an Healthexamination for Hereditairy deseases, so that we can find out in the future wich hereditairy problems shelties have.

There's a lot changed since my last sheltiehealhtsite. Years back they tought it was healthy to vaccinate dogs every year. And now they have found out, that vaccinate dogs is good, but not to often. Vaccinations are giving a lot of healthproblems. But they can give allergies too. In the Netherlands they have changed the rules for vaccinations and we have to vaccinate some vaccins ones in the three years, the rule changed in December 2006. The cocktail vaccination is now ones in the three years, also the Rabiesvaccination. Dogs can be allergic for the vaccins, but also for the filling from vaccinations. Even after this new rule of vaccination, the discussion goes on If we don't vaccinate to much! There are also discussions about preventative do something about worms. If you're dog has no worms why give him a anti-worm product?

A good health starts with good food, that where they warn people for. But this is the same for our pets. The latest years dogs food changing slowly. There are a lot of people who give their dogs BARF or Raw Meat. This because the people noticed that there were a lot of problems with their dogs. This was why we changed our Shelties food too. We have seen the following problems in our dogs: Epilepsie, heartproblems, thyriodproblems, arthrosis, spondylosis, stomach problems, bowelproblems. Since the time our shelties eat Raw Meat (we have a complete food, without gluten, granes, anti-oxidanten and without antidegradant. Our Epileptic girls has less seizures, first she had once a month one week seizures, minimum of 4 on a day. Now once in the five months a cluster of 4 seizures. Her last cluster of seizures were at the 4-th of february 2007. Our heartpatint, had a lot of fluid in her longs, before she started to eat Raw Meat. Now her medication for loosing the fluids are laying in the closet, she does not need them anymore. She does not have to cough anymore. The overweighted shelties have finally lost a lot of weight, we have tried this with dry food, but we have never succeed with dry food. Our older shelties can now jump on the sofa again, after years laying on the ground because they could not jump anymore.

This healthpage has anything about how you're sheltie stays healthy. I have a section about generally healthproblems, hotspots, allergies, teethcare, anesthesia, homeopathie, winterproblems, summerproblems, think of of the heath.

What would the Sheltiehealthpages without the hereditairy healthproblems with the sheltie. Without knowledge of hearditairy problems and genetics you can not breed an improved sheltie, if you do that you only bild out. Preventing is better than healing! Every breed has his own hereditairy deseases who are common problems or just exeptional problems. There are also hereditairy problems who we see often in other breeds, but only exeptional seen with the sheltie.

This page is exist out of the problems we had with our shelties. We had to search a lot to find some information to help our shelties to have such a good and long as possible live, without pain and other aspects what brought the desease with them. I never could find information on the internet, so we asked the vet about the problem and he gave us answers.

Do you have healthproblems in you're sheltie, or just questions about some of an subject I wrote and do you want to know more, than that you can find on this homepage. Than you can contact me by e-mail; Jacqueline Bosch

This page is not ment to replace you're veterinarian, this page is a result of the problems we have found in our shelties. And every time I could not find the information I needed, so I made the Sheltiehealth homepages, so that everyone who is searching information about some healthissue can find this on my website. Consult you're veterinarian if there's something wrong with you're sheltie/dog!



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